Sunday, February 22, 2015

Con of the North

Every year on Valentines Day weekend Con of the North takes place in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I'm not a fan of the date, for what should be obvious reasons, but I've managed to go to this con for a few years now. Con of the North is a gaming convention that currently happens in Plymouth, MN, which is a lot closer to where I live than its last location in St Paul.

The Crown Plaza is a pretty nice hotel. Parking has been mildly problematic, but the hotel & con have worked together to alleviate the problem, & they did a pretty good job this year.

There is generally a good mix of games. Pathfinder Society seems to have pushed out some of the other RPGs, but they seem to be slowly coming back. I don't play PF Society, so that makes me happy. There is also quite a lot of miniature gaming, with some nice terrain. For the 40K fan there is a Rogue Trader tournament. Every year there is even Battletech! Can you believe it? I love that game!

Overall, it's a good time. I highly recommend Con of the North if you can manage it. I'm lucky to have a very understanding girlfriend.

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