Sunday, January 22, 2017

Zeitgeist: the Gears of Revolution for 5e

If you're not familiar with Zeitgeist, published by En World, it's a very good AP. It's very different from the other APs out there, and players who want to hack and slash rather than roleplay & investigate probably won't like it. That was a mistake I made when I tried to run it; I didn't make a good choice on who to invite to play it.

Anyway, I wanted to run this for 5e. It's been published for 4e, which is reflected in a couple of things in the material, and Pathfinder. I started converting the Pathfinder stuff to 5e. A couple of people on the En World forums have also done some conversion work, and I borrowed some of that. If I post any of that material, I will properly credit the source. En World announced not long ago that they would be putting out some converted material, which should be nice.

First up: playable races.
Dragoborn (any)
Gnome (forest & rock)
Lightfoot Halfling
Mountain Dwarf
Wood Elf

There are wood elves & eladrin in this setting. Obviously, you can get the eladrin from the DMG.

Goblins can now be found in Volo's. I originally came up with something different, which I'll put in my next post.

There are Devas here, which is a type of aasimar. I'll put that in my next post, too. Both the deva & goblin are originally other people's ideas.

For the minotaur, you have the UA material & material from Kobold Press to choose from.

Everything else is straight out of the PHB. I will say I like the stuff over on Tribality to mix things up a bit for dragonborn.

That's all for now.

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