Monday, September 19, 2016

What has come before.

I'm a complete amateur at this blogging thing. It's been fun, though I noticed I've put up enough posts at this point that finding anything is proving difficult. So I thought I'd list my posts here by category.

PC Races:

The Grippli

The Treeling

Critter Stats:

Bonjo Tombo

Indominus Rex

Aspis Drone

The Rest of the Aspis Nest

Yuki-onna, the Snow Woman

Ilsidahur, the Howling King

The Ghour

The Wendigo

Nordom & the Gear Spirit


The Sa'ir

The Eyeball, the tiniest beholderkin

The Yeth Hound

The Hodag

The Rakasta

The Norker

St Kargoth the Betrayer, King of the Death Knights

The Firbolg

Some Smaller Elementals

The Caterwaul

The Ukobach

The Cooshee, the Elven Dog

The Nightgaunt

The Ghasts of the Vaults of Zin

The Firenewt

The Keythong

The Ahool

My Sorry Excuse For An Attempt At A Class:

The Theurge

The Fey Sorcerer Bloodline

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